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Squealers Fun Park

439 North 4000 East, Rigby, Idaho

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Squealers Fun Park

439 North 4000 East, Rigby, Idaho


Happy Squealmore's Mini Golf



Players need a steady hand to nail a sty-lish hole in one on the most unique mini golf course for 100 miles! It’s your mission to avoid the waterfalls, fountains, bunkers and blockades as you make your way around the modern 18-hole course.

Whether you’re looking for a squealing good time with the family, or new challenge to perfect those putting skills, why not take this par-fect piggy challenge!

Miniature Golf East IdahoMiniature Golf Rigby Idaho

Wild Hog Raceway


If you want to be the next big thing to squeal around the racetrack, it’s important to start young! Racers speed around our 160 meter track at speeds up to 10mph in a series of twists, turns and exciting bends.

The Wild Hog Kiddy Karts are designed for children over 4 years old and under 54″ tall, so even reckless drivers are safe from bumps and scrapes!

Go Karts Eastern IdahoGo Karts East Idaho

Go Karts Rigby Idaho | Squealers Fun ParkGo Karts Rigby Idaho | Squealers Fun Park

Frankie & Curly's Batting Cages

Batter UP!

Join in the fun with Frankie & Curly. They will help you become the next Babe Ruth!

Batting Cage East IdahoBatting Cage Rigby Idaho

Batting Cages Rigby IdahoBatting Cages East Idaho

Wild Bill Hambone's Buck-A-Roo


Swing, jump and dive on this truly unique ride for adults and kids alike. In a game of skill, reflexes and cunning, you must outwit your opponent to reach the target first! Do you think you can beat Wild Bill Hambone at his own game? He is the Porkington County champion 3 years running.

Are you tough enough to face the challenge? The Buck-A-Roo is waiting.


Captain Ricky's Climbing Walls


Do you have the guts to reach the top of the tower? For visitors with acrophobia, why not try out our 24’ climbing wall? Choose between beginner, intermediate or expert if you dare!

For those looking for a real squeal, why not brave our craggy, overhanging 32’ tower! Don’t worry; even beginners can brave this swine!

Join Captain Ricky for the perfect climb. Just remember to hold on tight!

Rock Climbing Eastern IdahoRock Climbing Wall East Idaho

Sally Su-ey's Bumper Boats


With Sally Su-ey at the helm and ALL NEW BUMPER BOATS, be ready to Splish, splash and splosh away in the Bumper Boat Lagoon! Face up against nine other piggy powered bumper boats and test your nerve with head on collisions and rocky waves.

This is the only attraction where bumping is a requirement! After all, attack is the best form of defense.

Bumper Boats Rigby IdahoBumper Boats Amusement Park Idaho

Piglet Paddles Kiddy Bumper Boats

Kiddie Bumper Boats

Now kids can be captain of their own piggy- paddle powered ships and set sail on the Piglet Lagoon!

Designed for kids aged 2-6, they’ll squeal as they chug their way around 1200 square feet of crystal waters!
Just remember to bring your sea legs!

Kiddie Bumper Boats Rigby IdahoKiddie Bumper Boats East Idaho Amusement Park