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Squealers Fun Park

439 North 4000 East, Rigby, Idaho

Squealers Fun Park

439 North 4000 East, Rigby, Idaho


Wild Hog Raceway


If you want to be the next big thing to squeal around the racetrack, it’s important to start young! Racers speed around our 160 meter track at speeds up to 10mph in a series of twists, turns and exciting bends.

The Wild Hog Kiddy Karts are designed for children over 4 years old and under 54″ tall, so even reckless drivers are safe from bumps and scrapes!


Each Go Kart ride requires one (1) ticket.  Purchase your tickets at the concession stand when you get to the park.  The more tickets you buy, the better price you will get.

1 Ticket – $5
3 Tickets – $10
10 Tickets – $30

Purchase a 10 Ticket bundle and receive unlimited $1.50 tickets for the rest of the day.  Tickets do not expire so you can feel free to bring them back at a later date for another Squealers Fun Park adventure.  They are however non-refundable and irreplaceable if lost or stolen.

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Happy Squealmore's Mini Golf



Players need a steady hand to nail a sty-lish hole in one on the most unique mini golf course for 100 miles! It’s your mission to avoid the waterfalls, fountains, bunkers and blockades as you make your way around the modern 18-hole course.

Whether you’re looking for a squealing good time with the family, or new challenge to perfect those putting skills, why not take this par-fect piggy challenge!

Our mini golf course is currently under construction.  Feel free to walk the course when you get there to see if you would still like to play. Use any Go-Kart ticket to golf our course.  Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE so please make sure you’re willing to use a ticket BEFORE you get a golf ball and a putter.

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